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Genesis of Tranquility Estates

The concept for Tranquility Estates began with a simple question, what is it that our seniors, our parents, our grandparents are looking for? The answer was a place where they can enjoy an independent carefree lifestyle and enjoy their retirement years.


Choosing the right place for our loved ones can be a difficult undertaking, requiring a delicate approach and a discerning vision.


The birth of Tranquility Estates began with the local community – our patients asking for an innovative Senior living facility with it's emphasis on family and friends. A place where our loved ones would want to come and spend quality time together, in a manner that would enrich their lives. With that as our incentive, our focus became the need to build an independent community  where our own moms and dads would find everything they truly desire and deserve. This inspired us to put our  health care knowledge to work and involving our dear patients and their loved ones in every step of the design and construction process. Our desire was to build a community where people would thrive and live life to the fullest.  Tranquility Estates is the product of hard work and of a local community wanting a new approach to senior living. It is our dream to have an environment that is inspirational and will energize seniors to engage with one another in a friendly and tranquil atmosphere. The end product became a world-class independent living community with resort-style amenities that is now the gold standard of senior living in the area.


Tranquility Estates has often been compared to a five-star hotel; each suite is artistically crafted with luxurious details, along with practical functionality that will enrich the lives of seniors. It is truly a graceful retirement Community that embodies the grandeur and elegance reminiscent of a grand estate. Our maintenance free independent living allows you to enjoy a  lifestyle free from the stress of home ownership, and is truly an affordable luxury.


Retirement has always been thought to be the "golden years" of life.  It should be like a joyful vacation, that never has to end! This is your time to cherish. Our community provides elegance combined with affordability to offer you a carefree independent lifestyle, rich in services, in an astonishing atmosphere with endless possibilities.


Unlike traditional Continuing Care Retirement Communities (CCRS) that require a large entrance fee, Tranquility Estates is a rental community, hence we must excel in the services and amenities we provide. This distinct advantage delivers true value to our residents.


Tranquility Estates is conveniently located in the heart of Grand Blanc, Michigan off I- 75, exit 108.

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